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Archival of Twitter Kit SDKs

@saysmax wrote:

On October 31, 2018 we officially ended support for Twitter Kit. Within the next week, we’ll be archiving the associated GitHub repositories, closing any open issues and pull requests, and removing product documentation.

What is the impact?

The open source GitHub repositories for all three SDKs will be moved to our twitter-archive account, and will continue to remain available. The latest version of each of the SDKs will remain available through Bintray JCenter, Cocoapods, and Carthage.

We’ll continue to develop and support the Twitter for Websites embeds, and we recommend that you switch to use these embeds within a webview in your app for your display needs if possible. You can also use Twitter’s standard API to power your own native displays and login functionality.

Feel free to contact us via the Twitter Kit forum with questions or concerns you may have regarding this update. Please note that the forum category will be closed after 30 days.

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