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Beginning today: developer.twitter.com will replace apps.twitter.com for all app management

@andypiper wrote:

As we’ve previously shared, we’re unifying all developer tools and access within our new developer portal at developer.twitter.com to provide a cohesive developer experience.

Historically, apps.twitter.com has been the portal for managing Twitter API access using “apps”. In July, we started requiring all developers who need to create new apps to apply and be approved for a developer account through the new developer portal at developer.twitter.com.

We’ve recently added the ability to manage existing apps on developer.twitter.com without an approved developer account — and today, we have begun redirecting people visiting apps.twitter.com to the equivalent page on developer.twitter.com. We will roll this out slowly, over the next few weeks, to all developers with apps on apps.twitter.com. Once all traffic has been redirected, apps.twitter.com will be fully retired. With this change, rest assured that all of your apps from apps.twitter.com will now be accessible on developer.twitter.com.

More about the new experience at developer.twitter.com

Our new developer portal at developer.twitter.com exists alongside documentation, tutorials, guides, and other content to help take advantage of Twitter APIs and developer products. It allows you to manage Twitter API access, including access to our new premium APIs, in a single place.

The app management interface on developer.twitter.com includes more detail and helpful tips to make app management straightforward. We hope you find this experience to be an improvement from managing apps on apps.twitter.com.

What does this mean for developers who managed apps on apps.twitter.com?

Anyone that has used apps.twitter.com to manage their existing apps still can do so at developer.twitter.com without a developer account. As we have required since July, to create new apps, you must apply for a developer account and be approved.

Eventually, as we previously announced, all Twitter API access will require an approved developer account. We’ll provide notice at least 90-days before enforcing this requirement so that you have ample time to apply. In the meantime, rest assured that you can continue managing your API access without any additional steps.

To get started managing your existing apps on developer.twitter.com, visit the new app management page. Should you have further questions, please direct them to the “Twitter apps” section of this forum.

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