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Mentions and user timeline request limit goes into effect today

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Beginning at 10:00 am PDT today, we are enforcing a new limit of 100,000 requests per day to the v1.1 /statuses/mentions_timeline and /statuses/user_timeline endpoints. As a reminder, we announced this change back in March with a forum post and blog post outlining reasons for the change, and recommended steps that impacted developers should take.

This is a total request limit (per endpoint) applied across both user-auth and app-auth requests. This means that a single app can make up to 100,000 requests in a 24-hour period to /statuses/mentions_timeline and /statuses/user_timeline (with either app or user auth) before hitting this new app-level rate limit.

What to expect:

Most developers will not be impacted by this change. However, if you were notified that your app operates at or near the new limit, and you have not yet taken any action, you will experience a 429 error response (see below) from the API if you exceed 100,000 requests in a 24-hour period:

HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests
{"errors":[{"message":"Rate limit exceeded","code":88}]}

The existing x-rate-limit-* headers only apply to the 15-minute window rate limits. At this point, we are not passing additional headers in the response around the new 100,000 request limit.

My app is impacted. What do I do now?

Determine which option below best describes your use case and follow the steps provided:

I. My application serves other businesses:

  1. Please complete the enterprise API application via this form with detailed information about your application that makes use of these endpoints. A Twitter representative will be in touch to discuss available options for continued access.

II. My application does not serve other businesses:

  1. Make sure that you are logged into your Twitter Developer account.

  2. Follow this link to the API Policy Support Page, where you should see the option: “I would like to apply for elevated user & mentions timeline limits.”

    • Note: if you do not see this option, it means that you are not operating at or near the 100k limit. If you are certain that you’re impacted and this option is not displaying, let us know by posting in the rest category on the forums.
  3. Complete the form with as much detail as you can about your current use of one (or both) of the mentions and user timeline endpoints. Our team may need to reach out for further clarification if your submission is incomplete or unclear, which may delay a decision about your application. Please provide as much detail as possible.

  4. We will review your submission and notify you of our decision when our review is complete.

Please reference our Developer FAQ for additional information and post any unanswered questions REST API forum category.

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