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Recent Tweet compose update might affect some geo use cases

@LeBraat wrote:

On 6/18, we made a change to the Tweet composer on both iOS and Android that removes the option to add precise location when geotagging a Tweet. People will still be able to add geotags by selecting a place or point of interest (aka Twitter Places) and the possibility to add precise location will still be available through Tweets composed in the updated camera. Most people who geotag their Tweets use places instead of adding precise location, so this should have a minimal impact on the overall number of geotagged Tweets. We expect that this change will encourage more users to select a place from the Tweet composer place selector, meaning that more Tweets will return values in the place data object.

This is a non-breaking change and no action is required for developers. We are informing developers because this change will cause a decrease in the volume of Tweets that include a non-null value for the geo and coordinates data objects.

You will still see Tweets include non-null values within these data objects that are published with the new Twitter camera, or published programmatically with the POST statuses/update endpoint using the lat/long parameters (for example, Tweets published by third-party apps such as Instagram).

If you have questions or comments about this change, please search and post to either our REST API, Streaming API, or Premium API categories, depending on which product you are using.

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