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Send Discount Codes

Send an SMS message to your customer mobiles containing current discount codes, deals or offers, text messages have better open rates than emails

Appointment Reminders

Missed appointments cost money, by sending customers SMS messages to their mobiles you can reduce the number of missed appointments and text messages have better open rates than emails

Connect to Database

SMS messages can be generated from your database, checking daily for dates to trigger a message, the message can then be personalised to include the customers name

Get Replies

You can receive replies that can then be used to provide potential leads or to unsubscribe users from yor list

IT Support

Remote & Onsite

Remote Support

Saves you the money of not having onsite dedicated support

Onsite Support

For when remote support doesn’t cut it and your employees need one to one or face to face instruction and/or support


Pay As You Go saves you the money of having a dedicated team on onsite support, PAYGO can be used by individuals as well as organisations for one off issues with any of your devices, operating systems or servers etc

Contract Work

We will happily consider a long term agreement for dedicated support for your organisation, either remotely, onsite or both




Can setup WordPress site for you, provide support for your existing website, customise and help migrate site to other hosting


Support using cPanel and using cPanel to manage your web server

Custom Coding

Fix web site code, or provide custom solutions


We can provide support over the phone, via remote connection or in person, with any web issues you maybe experiencing



Data Mining

Use automated scripts to mine/scrape data from the web, including some password protected websites and to collate data from API’s into various formats, such as CSV, JSON and TXT

Data Cleaning

Using automated scripts to clean data on databases or in various file formats

Data Migration

Help you migrate data between old and new websites, databases or hosts


Collect custom data from your database if your current interfaces do not gather the required information, and save to CSV, JSON or TXT formats